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    Farm City – An Indy food story

    FarmCity examines the complicated relationship between the health of a city and its food system. Through stories of an urban farmer, a single mother, a grocery store owner, health experts and community organizers, the documentary looks at what needs to happen to build a healthier city.

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    Hunter’s Honey Farm

    Our curiosity of the bee related phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder and our deep appreciation for local food sent my friends and me to Hunter’s Honey Farm in Martinsville to learn about bees and to see how they are really doing. Our time on the farm taught us a great deal about bees and the […]

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    Big Car Service Center Garden

    Imagine an old abandoned tire shop with numerous garage doors lining the front and back, with an oil caked cement floor and car lifts installed throughout. What could such an awkwardly designed, specific building be other than a place to service cars? Good question. Leave it up Indy non-profit, Big Car to answer that. Through […]

  • Pogues Run Grocer

    Pogue’s Run Grocer

    As we continue to discuss food security, urban redevelopment and obesity in America, the term food desert is a reoccurring theme. Food deserts are communities with a lack of healthy food available to them, both physically and economically. This is a complex issue with no simple solutions. However, the Indy Food Co-op is taking steps […]

  • Slow Food Garden

    Wishard Slow Food Garden

    We’ve said good-bye to summer, but it’s never too late to look back on another year of good local food. To celebrate the passing of warm sunny days, we want to highlight the work of Laura Henderson, the Director of Growing Places Indy, and her group of committed interns.



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$5 a meal

5 A Meal

A series inspired by Slow Food USA’s $5 Meal Challenge.


Farm City

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